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Throwback Thursday: GRiZ – End of the World Party

griz end of the world

by Josh LoFurno |

Starting his career back in 2011, GRiZ has seen non-stop success, going from playing small house parties in Michigan to raising an army of Liberators aimed at bettering the world. Although GRiZ continues to top himself with every song he releases, his fans often find themselves going back to the album that started it all, End of the World Party.

End of The World Party explores a wide variety of emotions, applying a new one to nearly every song. GRiZ gently eases into the album with a soft synthesizer progression layered over hip-hop influenced percussion. However, this doesn’t last for long as the album swiftly leads into a frenzy of bouncy rhythms. Although not as saxophone inclusive as his later work, GRiZ makes good use of the electric guitar.

The album was the keystone to the massive amount of success GRiZ has seen throughout his short career. Consistently selling out shows across America, it doesn’t look like this producer and sax master has any plans to stop his reign of success any time soon.

GRiZ Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

GRiZ – End of the World Party Buy on iTunes

Edited by Kyle Taylor

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