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Brand New – “Mene” | New Single

brand new mene

by Kyle Taylor |

That’s right, it’s brand new Brand New. The band has become notorious for diving into bouts of silence following the release of any new album, leaving their fans grasping for hints and hidden messages across their social network toward future plans. It’s been a while since we’ve had any concrete news from the Long Island band. A few days ago though, Brand New completely wiped their Instagram, uploading only a single, new press shot (they’ve since added to it). Then today we got this: “Mene”. It’s a short but rigid new single, implicating plenty of the Brand New punk sound and influence often accepted in their sound. Lead vocalist Jesse Lacey’s sharp, aggressive vocals carry the song across a ceaselessly driving guitar line, more screaming and ranting than singing. We can only hope its the sign of a new record on the way.

Brand New Website // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter

Brand New – “Mene” — Buy on iTunes

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