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Space Jesus & Esseks – Dopplebangers | Name Your Price

SpaceJesus&Esseks - Dopplebangers

by Kyle Taylor |

New York producers Space Jesus and Esseks have been frequent collaborators in the past, sneaking into one another’s tracks pretty consistently on each’s releases. Dopplebangers, however, is the much anticipated complete melding of the minds from these two magnificently talented, and downright weird, musicians. Space Jesus’ domineering crunked-out hip-hop sound is present, but at times is lost beneath waves of blissful, psychedelic synthesizers and ambiance from Esseks.

Having a complete four tracks to span their collaboration, this new album allows Space Jesus and Esseks to explore entirely different routes and methods of fusing their sounds, resulting in everything from crunchy, dancefloor shakers to smooth, atmospheric sound environments. The added bonus is four additional remixes of the tracks from the album from Freddy ToddYhetiZebbler Encanti Experience, and Jade Cicada, each bringing an extra dose of weird to the album.

Space Jesus – Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Esseks Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Space Jesus & Esseks – Dopplebangers — Name Your Price!!
Funkadelphia Picks: “Dream Whirled” & “Slomosapian (Yheti Remix)”

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