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Bob Marley – “Positive Vibration (Vibe Street Remix)” | FREE DL

vibe street positive vibration remix

by Kyle Taylor |

Vibe Street just the blew the roof off Philadelphia once again this past Saturday at the Ode to Earth celebration at One Art Community Center. Immersed in his funkified mix was this glowing new remix. The Denver producer does the trick once again, fluffing out the original tune with a whole arsenal of groovy new stylings. The remix exudes a warm atmosphere through an upbeat and uplifting melody, melded tightly against Bob Marley’s jovial vocals. As always, Vibe Street strays into new territory with his approach and production, growing his diversity to new corners, while still implementing plenty of those lush vibes we’ve come to know him for.

Vibe Street Website // Soundcloud // Facebook

Bob Marley – “Positive Vibration (Vibe Street Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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