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Album Review: Passion Pit – Kindred

Passion Pit Kindred

by Kyle Taylor |

Passion Pit is the perfect anthem for the warm weather. Michael Angelakos’ jubilant rhythms and vocals constantly impress an uplifting and, if nothing else, hopeful perspective. Now on their third album, Passion Pit once again introduces smooth and soaring choruses to accompany the blossoming Springtime.

The record, Kindred, settles for nothing less than the already strongly familiar Passion Pit found on the group’s debut album, Manners. Their second album, Gossamer, refined that sound, taking the jaunting electropop sound to new heights and territories, further exploring new synthesizer design. Kindred develops those same ideas once again, but really adds nothing else to the mix. It’s strikingly familiar, but still undeniably groovy.

While Passion Pit’s newest record sinks into some inescapable ploys of repetitive and somewhat predictable song structures, their compositions overall are still pleasantly unfamiliar in themselves. Kindred utilizes really only hints of prior sound-work found on Passion Pit’s first two albums, introducing plenty of freshly-pressed, new sound design. The most familiar component is perhaps Angelakos’ skyrocketing soprano vocals.

The execution of production throughout Kindred is by far the most refined and pristine we’ve thus far heard from the group. From beat-busting synthesizer slashes to calm, atmospheric tones, Angelakos’ voice is melded against its musical background flawlessly.

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01) “Lifted Up (1985)” [Official Music Video]

03) “Where the Sky Hangs”

07) “Until We Can’t (Let’s Go)”

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