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STS9 – Live at Euphoria Music Festival (Austin, TX) [04.10.2015] | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

Colorado jamtronica pioneers STS9 have been receiving loads of positive feedback and praise since the inception of their new bassist, Alana Rocklin. The group has gained more momentum in the past year than they’ve seen in a while, ripping up venues all across the country with a newly refined sound.

Sound Tribe Sector 9 took the stage as the headliner at this year’s Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, Texas, hammering out a set of numerous favorites as well as back-pocket gems. The set is a perfect example of the Rocklin’s uncanny skills on the bass guitar, laying out more than enough funky grooves throughout. It’s also a ineffable demonstration on the new group’s improvisational abilities and how they’re able to work together in keeping their songs concise and original, paying tribute to the original recordings, while still implementing countless minutes of riveting jams and new expositions of the tracks. One thing is made perfectly clear, and that is that Sound Tribe has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, and in fact, may just really be getting started.

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STS9 – Live at Euphoria Music Festival (Austin, TX) [04.10.2015] — FREE Downloads below!!

01) “Dance” [Live] — FREE Download!!
02) “Inspire Strikes Back” [Live] — FREE Download!!
03) “Move My Peeps” [Live] — FREE Download!!
04) “Rent” [Live] — FREE Download!!
05) “Really, What?” [Live] — FREE Download!!
06) “Vapors” [Live] — FREE Download!!
07) “Love Don’t Terrorize” [Live] — FREE Download!!
08) “Awesome ft. The Cool Kids (STS9 Remix)” [Live] — FREE Download!!
09) “The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature” [Live] — FREE Download!!
10) “When the Dust Settles” [Live] — FREE Download!!
11) “Modular (Improv)” [Live] — FREE Download!!

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