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Throwback Thursday: Gramatik – Street Bangerz Vol. 1 | FREE DL

gramatik sb1a

by Josh Lofurno |

Denis Jasarevic has been producing music under the name Gramatik since 2008. With 7 years of music production under his belt, Gramatik’s style has seen constant change. Beginning as a hip-hop producer and later developing more of a glitch-hop style in his work. Although Gramatik’s style is constantly changing, it’s still easy to hear the hip-hop influence in all of his tunes.

One of his more hip-hop influenced albums, and one of the albums integral in sparking his career, is Street Bangerz Vol. 1. Following the classic 4-by-4 time signature featured in most hip-hop, this album does a good job of capturing the vibe of an original hip-hop tune from the early 90’s. However, Gramatik spices it up by adding a more jazz-influenced synth progression to each track.

This album made its way to the top 10 best Chill albums on Beatport upon its release, proving that Gramatik can and will dominate any genre he steps foot in. Still today Gramatik continues to be a dominant force in the electronic world.

Gramatik Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Gramatik – Street Bangerz Vol. 1 FREE Download!!/Donate

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