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Mochipet (feat. Mr. Lif) – Spark (Single & 9 Remixes) | Name Your Price

mochipet lif spark

by Kyle Taylor |

The Japanese native and now Colorado based producer Mochipet has showcased a broad spectrum of sound versatility throughout his career. Looking at his background it’s not difficult to see where Mochipet pulls his eclectic style from. It is in fact Mochipet’s unique set of influences that sets him so far apart from any other producer.

For his latest single, Mochipet teamed up with acclaimed conscious hip-hop artist Mr. Lif. The Boston rapper not only constantly exhibits uncanny lyrical skills, but has also put his talents to the test over a large spread of experimental beats and production. Aside from Mochipet, Mr. Lif has been featured on tracks with Philadelphia jamtronica band Lotus and former Philadelphia native The Polish Ambassador. In every instance, Mr. Lif is able to accommodate his flawless, flowing lyricism to whatever grooves the backing musicians are laying down.

For “Spark”, Mochipet cranks out a bass-heavy tracks that’s riddled with unwavering glitch attacks. The composition makes it difficult to find any real steady rhythm, but Mr. Lif succeeds once again where plenty of others might have failed. The release is also loaded up with 9 massive remixes from a whole plethora of talented producers, including AMBKnight RiderzKraddy and Omega and an accapella version of the track .

Mochipet Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Mr. Lif Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Mochipet (feat. Mr. Lif) – “Spark” — Name Your Price!!

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