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Ludge – Outdated EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

Front Cover

by Kyle Taylor |

Stemming from influences rooted in the Philadelphia bass and hip-hop music scenes, local producer Ludge has shown a real sense of growth and maturity, especially for such a young producer. With a broad horizon still ahead to be tackled, Shane Brown (Ludge) is not wasting any time. From release to release he is constantly pushing boundaries, both his own and those of music in general. His past material has carried him through a variety of mid-tempo genres- glitch-hop and hip-hop the most frequent- as well as deep, and thickly psychedelic bass music.

For his most recent release on Funkadelphia Recordings, Ludge is turning to the roots of dubstep. It has probably been a while since eardrums were penetrated with new bass music quite like this. Maintaining a dark and minimal atmosphere, the Outdated EP takes a stroll through some of the most angelic of bass frequencies. Introducing vast, encompassing wobbles- from deep and subtle to skank-inducing and readily more apparent- the EP takes a glance at a diversity of approaches to the genre, even just across its four tracks.

It is a rather short release, but gives new meaning to the phrase, “short but sweet.” Ludge does just enough to get his point across, while avoiding unnecessarily long compositions lacking the frequent progressions needed to keep fans engaged. He infiltrates sound systems, utilizing them to seize his unsuspecting listener’s ears, and, when it is all over, send them scouring his bandcamp and soundcloud for past material to keep the raucous noise going.

Ludge Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ludge – Outdated EP Name Your Price!

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Back Cover


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