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Getter – “The Heat”


by Kyle Taylor |

Well this one caught a lot of heat on social media. I’m not entirely sure why though. Los Angeles producer Getter unveilied his newest single, “The Heat” yesterday off the upcoming Shellshock Legends release on Firepower Records (May 5th). Most of the negative comments seem to be aimed at the use of the “trap” BPM and its common drum samples. Of course, those same comments frequently also posed the statement that the poster would rather hear dubstep. Now, it’s no secret that we’re fans of some good old fashioned dub here at Funkadelphia, but there’s also no problem with flexing a bit of artistic diversity every now and then either. This might stir up some discussion, but I hope it does.

getter comment 3

Let’s be honest, there’s not a whole lot more diversity in the typical drum samples we hear in dubstep, especially when comparing them to common trap drum loops. Neither genre really inches the other out when it comes to percussion. “The Heat”, in particular also takes a clear influence from dubstep, one that we would expect from a famously dubstep producer. Should Getter really be niched into only being “allowed” to make dubstep? It’s pretty ridiculous when you really think about it. The single still utilizes the dark and gruesome sound Firepower Records has cultivated. It’s not as aggressive as all of Getter’s tunes, but still packs plenty of rigid bass lines.

“The Heat” certainly isn’t lacking in its approach to composition either. It showcases the typical introduction, build-up and drop structure, the same you would hear from the majority of Getter’s strictly dubstep tracks. It even introduces entirely new sound design across each drop, not falling into sickeningly lazy repetition.

It should be noted that Getter further has a separate side project, Planet Neutral, under which he releases his more mellow and melodic productions. Of course, “The Heat” is much more fitting for release under the Getter name, even though it’s not his most frequently associated sound.

If we’re going to complain about a track over its percussion and pace, there’s a problem. It’s not as if this is a full album imposing an endless field of strictly trap noise; it’s just one track. Getter has shown no signs of throwing away his dubstep background. If an artist can’t press his boundaries, then they’ve lost the ability to truly be artistic.

Getter Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Getter – “The Heat” — Pre-order Shellshock Legends (Out May 5th)

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