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Wick-It the Instigator – “Straight Outta Mashville (2006-2015)” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Southern superstar Wick-It the Instigator is a master of many things, with turntablism certainly being one of those acquired skills. Throughout his career, the Tennessee producer and DJ has turned heads with everything from floor-shaking original bass productions to mesmerizing, deeply thought-out mixes.

Today Wick-It is back with his latest mix, which he calls “Straight Outta Mashville”. The mix touches on countless genres and artists throughout, although it maintains a central hip-hop thesis through the use of acappellas and what are sure to be some familiar hits. The real treat, though, is hearing this burly man of a musician get down and dirty on the decks, scratching in his own original samples and fills, and thus instigating a potent, authentic flavor within the mix. Further, we can gain some insight into Wick-It’s inspirations and influences from “Straight Outta Mashville”, which scours plenty of classic rock and hip-hop, both of which show up rather frequently in his own original productions.

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Wick-It the Instigator – “Straight Outta Mashville (2006-2015)” — FREE Download!!

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