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RVLVR – “I Can Hear You Now” | FREE DL

rvlvr i can hear u now

by Kyle Taylor |

It is becoming increasingly apparent just how jam-packed the mind of RVLVR truly is. The Philadelphia producer is at it yet again with a brand new single, “I Can Hear You Now”, polished off with a immaculate master from fellow local artist and engineer, Starkey. The single marks RVLVR’s second single release within a month, following the hip-hop infused, future bass heavy-hitter “Soft Pretzel Beats”, which dropped the very last day of March.

“I Can Hear You Now” is much more subtle than RVLVR’s last release though, further supporting the notion of a capably diverse producer. It is easy to once again throw this new production under the “future bass” title, but in reality it is a label that is becoming more and more broad in definition with time. Instead of the aggressive trap percussion we heard in “Soft Pretzel Beats”, this new single introduces a much more mellow hip-hop beat pattern. The sound design encompassing the track is rich and melodic, at least at first. In classic RVLVR fashion, the composition of “I Can Hear You Now” builds on itself, avoiding a basic dance track structure. The smooth bass-lines found in the introduction do return to close out the track, but they are ruptured by a sudden beat change, speeding the composition up and sending it careening into jostling, jungle-inspired drum loops and a stagnant attack of more heavily glitched bass.

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RVLVR – “I Can Hear You Now” — FREE Download!!

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