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Stèv – “Hills Are Floating” & New Album Announcement | FREE DL

StevPhoto by Luca Norio

by Kyle Taylor |

We have come to know that we can always trust Portland label Loci Records to deliver the most resilient of soulful melodies. The label, founded in 2012 by Doug Appling- more commonly known as Emancipator– has been home to the West Coast producer’s latest album, Dusk to Dawn, as well as albums from Tor (Drum Therapy) and D.V.S* (Comfort Zone). The label also released a free compilation titled Season One in August of 2014, which featured nine new exclusive tracks, including ones from those aforementioned artists as well as Space Jesus, Stratus, Nym and more.

To kick off 2015 in a fashionable manner, Loci Records looks to the other side of the Atlantic at the minimally mesmerizing musician Stèv. Also featured on the Season One compilation, as well as housing his last release, the Elsewhere EP (Dec. 2013), on Loci, Stèv is no stranger to the label. It is rather easy to see why as well; with a warm, glowing sound that fringes itself along the borders of downtempo and IDM, the Italian producer sits right at home among Loci Records’ other contributors. Frequent use of organic instruments and samples gives Stèv’s music more of a composed, band feel than that of a solo producer sitting alone in a studio behind a sea of knobs.

Still, while there seems to be a definitive theme of sound to the Loci Records catalog, the true spirit of the label seems to rest in the unique brilliance of each individual artist. Stèv would fit right at home sharing a stage with Emancipator, but the two projects’ sounds are far from suspiciously similar. Whether it is on the Elsewhere EP, older productions found on his soundcloud, or this brand new single, “Hills Are Floating”, Stèv captures the mournful calmness that Loci seems to resonate, yet through a blissfully unique lens. The new track- part of Stèv’s forthcoming Beyond Stolen Notes album- actually sounds like it is shedding off the last straggling clutches of Winter, finding solace in a delicate, blossoming sound. If it is too hard to imagine, just go ahead and press the play button.

Be sure to stay tuned for the full release of Beyond Stolen Notes, out May 18th digitally on Loci Records and on vinyl courtesy of Megaphone Records.

Stèv Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Loci Records Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
Megaphone Records Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Stèv – “Hills Are Floating” — FREE Download!!

Stèv – Beyond Stolen Notes [Coming 05/18] || Loci Records / Megaphone Records
stev - beyond stolen notes

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