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Throwback Thursday: Truth – “Live on Submission Radio: Deep, Dark & Dangerous” | FREE DL

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by Josh LoFurno |

Dubstep duo Truth has caught the attention of many heavy hitters in the dubstep scene since their first release in 2007, gaining so much attention that they found themselves opening for some of the most well-known dubstep producers, and being featured on some of the most popular dubstep radio shows. Every time seemed to be better than the last.

One example of their skill is their “Deep, Dark and Dangerous” mix they made for their appearance on Sub.mission radio. They ease into the mix with a well-thought out introduction that does an excellent job of setting the tone for the rest of the mix. Each song beautifully transitions from one to next, as if the whole mix were one single train of thought. Every song tells a story built off the last, proving Truth just as strong behind a mixer as he is in the studio.

Truth has come a long way in their short career, turning heads with every release. Get a taste of this musical mastermind today at District N9ne in Philadelphia.

Truth Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Truth – “Live on Submission Radio: Deep, Dark & Dangerous” [Aug. 8th, 2012] — FREE Download!!


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