Bass / Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop / Hip-Hop/Rap

HEISS – Absolutio(N) | Name Your Price

heiss absolution

by Kyle Taylor |

Boston producer HEISS is back at it with a brand new album on Transcendent Tunes. Rippling through torrents of futuristic hip-hop beats balanced upon insurmountable waves of bass, Absolutio(N) provides a journey through the finest indulgences of sound. Opening with two tracks featuring Brooklyn vocalist Jackson Whalan, the album immediately implements its hip-hop inspiration and base. Still, both tracks carry themselves across steadily unfolding, deeply complex compositions, ultimately succumbing to crashing walls of vibrant bass.

Dubstep and glitch are also clear influences for HEISS, who meticulously compiles a profusion of genres into single tracks. As Absolutio(N) proceeds, it dives deeper into the realm of dance of music, exploring further genres ranging from drum & bass to even hints of psy-trance. The vast birth of the album gives it seemingly more volume than actually exists, truly bending the fibers of time as its compositions wriggle themselves deeper and deeper into cascading waves of noise.

HEISS – Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

HEISS – Absolutio(N) Name Your Price!! // Buy on iTunes

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