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Album Review: SunSquabi – Anytime EP | Name Your Price

sunsquabi anytime ep

by Kyle Taylor |

Feeling funky? Well it doesn’t get a whole lot funkier than this. Denver trio SunSquabi is kicking it all the way up with their new Anytime EP  on Adapted Records. The EP may only contain three tracks, but there’s an indescribable amount of musical bliss packed into those fifteen minutes. Spacey grooves, crunchy guitar lines, and of course, a thick layer of bass empowered production backing fill the miniature album from beginning to end. There’s no real landmark for comparing SunSquabi to, because the band has quickly set themselves so far apart from any funk or jam band already on the map. Perhaps that is why the group has become amply associated with the phrase, “crunchy peanut butter,” rather than, “jam band”.

The EP’s opening and title track is a proud example and explanation of that description, delving head first into riveting guitar that givew whole new meaning to the word, “crunchy”. Of course there’s certainly a jam component to the band, but all around the trio has carved a niche in music so far removed from any other that it is insulting to even try to compare them to anything else.

Plenty of jamtronica acts have implemented futuristic synthesizer work and even basic production layers to their music, but SunSquabi fully immerse themselves in the idea of fusing funk and electronic music. The result is a seamless new melding of the sounds that presses itself further than any other group has gone before. From the jagged synth-punches of “Anytime” to the spacey glows and crackling pops found in “Bubs”, lead producer and guitarist Kevin Donohue’s perceptions are pristine and unique.

Many of the elements of the EP are familiar in a warm and appropriate manner. It is truly the way in which the group has entangled all these elements that sets the stage for the SunSquabi sound. At times it can easily become necessary to remind yourself that your ears are taking in the creations of a band as the compositions balance themselves delicately between what could be a skillful funk group, or a truly insightful future funk producer. The reality is that both elements coexist harmoniously in SunSquabi.

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SunSquabi – Anytime EP Name Your Price!!

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