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Andreilien – Ergot Curry | Plus Show Announcement at District N9ne (May 10th)

Road to Sonic Bloom (Andreilien)

by Kyle Taylor |

It always makes way for plenty of special occasions to be had when an artist unveils a new piece of work before embarking on tour. That’s exactly what San Francisco basstronaut (that’s bass astronaut, if you didn’t catch it) Andreilien is doing with his newest album, Ergot Curry.

In support of the annual Sonic Bloom Festival in Colorado, Andreilien is further embarking as the headliner for the Road to Sonic Bloom tour, which will hit District N9ne here in Philadelphia on Sunday, May 10th. Also accompanying Andreilien on tour are producers kLL sMTH and AtYya, with special guests Perkulat0r and Philadelphia musician Agent Zero also joining the bill. The night is sure to be loaded with exceptional moments, from the live debut of Andreilien’s new album, to Agent Zero live band guests Rob Potter (saxophone) and Jason Luber (guitar) joining the sound sorcerer for his performance.
Road to Sonic Bloom ft. Andreilien, kLL sMTH, AtYyA, Perkulat0r & Agent Zero (5/10) — Event Details // Tickets

Andreilien Ergot Curry
Andreilien Ergot CurryIt’s been an appropriate amount of time since the changing of Andreilien’s alias from its former title, Heyoka, to drop that side-note from his billing. However, the former career and releases of the Heyoka project should absolutely still be considered when investigating and entering a new Andreilien release. The transition honestly did not seem to do much other than simply the obvious change of name, as Andrei Olenev’s (Andreilien, formerly Heyoka) productions remain just as immersed in bubbling, psychedelia-ridden bass as ever. Everything from glitch to hip-hop, dubstep to drum & bass plays a critical factor in the West Coast producer’s music.

Emerging as one of the forerunners in the underground experimental bass movement, which was partially and strongly rooted in California throughout much of the 2000’s, Andreilien has lost no momentum since the inception of the Heyoka project in 2008, and his transition to the new alias in 2012. Olenev has become an integral member of the Headtron artist collective, with fellow producers Gladkill, Sugarpill, Russ Liquid, NiT GriT, Stephan Jacobs, and several others. Yet where some labels and collectives seem to share a suspiciously familiar sound range from artist to artist, Headtron avoids this ploy. Each artist, Andreilien included, remains firmly attached to their own unique sound and approach.

The sound of Andreilien is one that dives deep into cavernous compositions of rough glitch percussion and brain-entangling rhythms. Murmuring vocal samples join relentlessly jostling melodies in a way that is far distinguished from any other producer. These sounds have become a familiar component of Olenev’s music, but they have yet to reach a point of dull familiarity, even across his impressive catalog of (now) ten albums and two EPs. To avoid such a pitfall, a constant adjustment and reexamination of these noises is taken with each new release, enriching the quality of the production and introducing new takes on the sound design listeners have come to know the project for.

Ergot Curry furthers this effort, distributing a new arsenal of psychedelic sound-work across an intricate array of bass beats, and once again exploring a boundless assortment of dance genres. Simply examining the percussion layer of the album, Andreilien takes on everything from the relaxed tempo of dubstep to the rattling hits of drum & bass, with a nod to everything in between. However, as expected, there’s far more to the release than just the drums. Integrating swirling departures of whispering treble layers, which seem to hang at the very outer-limits of each production, the new album immerses itself in a mysterious realm of eerie noise. The sound design feels familiar, but not in an off-putting manner as though it were so familiar to bring up feelings of déjà vu. Instead, it hinges on a delicate line of familiarity, recognizable enough to pinpoint the Andreilien name to the album, but introduced in an original blanket of ideas strong enough to breathe new life into the music which encases it.

Andreilien Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Andreilien – Ergot Curry Buy on Additech

kLL sMTH – “Disheveled EP Preview Minimix” — Stream/Download the full EP FREE!!

AtYyA – “Eternally Blessed Mix 2014” — FREE AtYyA music on Bandcamp!!

Perkulat0r – “Live at Envision Festival 2015” — FREE Download!!

Agent Zero – “Sound Sorcery Vol. II Live Album Release” — FREE Download!!
feat. Rob Potter (saxophone), Jay Luber (guitar) & Ryan DJ Ha (percussion) — Watch the Live Video

The Road to Sonic Bloom Tour, sponsored by Sonic Bloom Music Festival, We Present The Untz

we presentthe untz

sonic bloom

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