Electronic / Future Funk / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Stone Soul – Bicycle Day EP | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

Stirring up a funk storm is Boulder producer Stone Soul. The Colorado musician is back with his fresh new Bicycle Day EP, throwing out a variety of groovy new tracks to keep the warm weather appeased. Integrating everything from smooth, flowing jazzy rhythms to thumping hip hop beats, the funk integration remains a key component of the release from start to finish. Backed with everything from brass to strings, the instrumental aspect of the Bicycle Day EP is also a heavy factor in the consistent glowing vibe. Of course, there’s a strong essence of underlying production drive; however, it’s not as over-bearing as some future funk producers’ work. The overall feeling of the EP remains mellow and enchanting, diving deep into its instrumental  progressions to dig up steadily drawing grooves sucking your eardrums and mind deeper and deeper into each new track.

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Stone Soul – Bicycle Day EP — FREE Downloads Below!!

01) “Best of Times” — FREE Download!!
02) “If You Please” (feat. Vokab Kompany) — FREE Download!!
03) “Dark Chocolate Love Machine” — FREE Download!!
04) “Homesick” (feat. WillDaBeast) — FREE Download!!
05) “Blaze It Up” — FREE Download!!
06) “Ridin’ on the Midnight Train” — FREE Download!!

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