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Architekt (ft. Bok Nero) – “Supercharged” | FREE DL

architekt supercharged

by Kyle Taylor |

I feel like I’ve been waiting on this jump for the Architekt for some time now. I think plenty of Philadelphia bass heads would feel justified in saying it’s about time. Regardless, Michael Pipitone (Architekt) had his first solo major label release through Buygore Records today.

The explosive new single features vocals from local hip hop artist Bok Nero. Fusing together “Supercharged”, mechanized sound design with voluptuous, broken beat percussion, the song pulls together hip hop, glitch, dubstep, and faint components of neurohop. Architekt seems to even mimic the process of some maniacally assembled device charging up for mass destruction with the composition of the track.

Of course there’s the initial build releasing into a heart attack-inducing drop, but it doesn’t stop there. “Supercharged” actually carries itself through a steadily evolving progression, falling right from one drop into the next. The increasingly powerful production behind each section follows the various stages of the weapon readying for the pandemonium it’s soon to wreak.

Architekt Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Architekt (feat. Bok Nero) – “Supercharged” [Buygore Records] — FREE Download!!

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