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Dubvirus – Phosphenes EP | Name Your Price

dubvirus phosphenes

by Matthew Foran |

On most Tuesdays, there is no better way to start your day than by finding new music, selecting a favorite, and listening to it on excessive repeat until it begins to annoy anyone else around.  Today, that release comes from Boulder-based producer Dubvirus, who just released his new six-track release, the Phosphenes EP.  The album, which is out on the glitch-heavy label Gravitas Recordings, begins with an intriguing piano solo that develops into a 4-on-the-floor future bass track. The vibe of beautiful melodies wrapped in synth pads and tied with a bow of bass-centric trap beats can be felt consistently.

There is too much warm emotion felt throughout, which the artist was aware of when appropriately naming the genre of the last track “Lovesick” as “Love Trap.”  Perhaps it is the whiny gangster bass lines that remind of dirty-south hip hop and not just the super fast snare rolls.  Either way, Dubvirus has yet again succeeded in making us get down and funky with it.

Feel free to funk out yourself with a name your own price download!

Dubvirus Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Dubvirus – Phosphenes EP Name Your Price!

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