Bass / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop

Bogtrotter – “Dark Matter” | Debut Single from Forthcoming EP on Additech Records

Bogtrotter Dark Matter

by Kyle Taylor |

From the depths of the bog comes a track sputtering with creepy jitters and swamping through treacherous atmospheres. Minneapolis producer Bogtrotter is preparing eardrums all over for the dark fathoms of riddling bass contained in his soon forthcoming Dark Matter EP, dropping June 1st on Additech Records. Unveiling the release’s title track and debut single today, which grasps from the basin of sound like never before, he’s storming the barriers of sound. A blissful polymerization of natural and futuristic, mechanized noise takes place over ever-evolving percussion as the single unfolds. Blurps to squishes emerge in a jostling rhythm, managing to find a stagnant beat in the most unlikely of places.

For those attending Infrasound Music Festival 2015, prepare yourselves for a full melting pot of Bogtrotter mania, of course including plenty of new material.

Bogtrotter Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Bogtrotter – “Dark Matter” — Pre-Order the Dark Matter EP [06/01/2015, Additech Records]

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