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SOOHAN – Volume Twohan | FREE Album

soohan volume twohan

by Kyle Taylor |

Baltimore has an undeniable pool of talent just overflowing with rich, brilliant ideas. The city’s Stephen Suchan, more commonly known as SOOHAN, has played a consistent role in the city’s blossoming electronic movement for years now. It wasn’t until his debut album, Made In Baltimore, in December of 2014 that Suchan went from DJ to producer, though.

That veteran background in deejaying has, however, only reinforced SOOHAN’s performances in the most positive manner. With an already sound understanding of controlling audiences and unfolding live sets in a mysterious, unpredictable manner, the East Coast musician has continued to apply these concepts to live sets of predominantly his own original productions.

Just six months later SOOHAN is already following up his debut album the easily reputable Volume Twohan. Using psychedelic sound design, dub samples, and more classically inspired music components, SOOHAN rolls a plentiful medley of sound into each track. Quirky, nostalgic tracks like “Inspector Gadget” embed a sense of self-awareness in the album, recognizing the trap genre’s frequently playful nature. Sampling once again plays a key role in the release, piecing together sections of classic films, hip hop tracks, and pop songs, often utilizing the variety simultaneously to create new aesthetics from familiar vocals.

Blending hip hop and trap percussion with enigmatic sound design, the album once again settles most closely to the hip hop genre, but far from any classical perceptions of the genre. Integrating an adjacency of aggressive, modern hip hop flavors and lush harmonies, the album delves into the pristine and the portentous.

The whole album is available for FREE download on SOOHAN’s soundcloud, including a bonus remix of The Beatles‘ “Within You, Without You”.

SOOHAN Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

SOOHAN – Volume Twohan FREE Download!!

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