Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep

50 BLNT (50 Carrot x BLNT) – “FCKDAPLC”

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by Kyle Taylor |

In the sentiments of dark and heavy UK bass, we’ve also got a brand new one from dubstep legend 50 Carrot; or should I say BLNT? Or should I say 50 BLNT? A fusion of his two alter egos, 50 BLNT, exhibits a sound that is intentionally as close to a crossover between the two projects as you could expect. 50 Carrot has always exhibited a methodically deep approach to bass music, while BLNT has showcased a more versatile range of sound, experimenting with everything from minimal breaks to hip hop.

The new single, “FCKDAPLC”, glances at aspects of both projects. At first glance, it leans toward the 50 Carrot sound, which is admittedly more longstanding and developed; however, as the production unfolds, a presence of hip hop influence can be felt flowing throughout the track. It’s all part of the hype for 50 BLNT’s new album, which he says is, “poised and ready to be released” [1].

50 Carrot Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


[1] Soundcloud, BLNT:


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