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Album Review: Stèv – Beyond Stolen Notes

stev beyond stolen notes

by Kyle Taylor |

For those looking for something a bit more laid-back and ethereal, Oregon label Loci Records is keeping it lush and mellow with their latest release. Owned by Doug Appling (Emancipator), the label has been home to strategically complex beats, implementing a consistent fusion of sounds natural and electronic. Like that of Emancipator’s own releases, Loci Records frequently showcases artists balancing their own production against live instrumentation.

From Italian producer and multi-instrumentalist Stèv comes the latest chapter in the Loci Records catalog: Beyond Stolen Notes. The record mirrors Emancipator’s approach in its steady, encumbering progressions and expansive use of real instruments. Stèv does not, however, fall too closely the label’s founders, seemingly effortlessly carving an individualistic niche in the realms of sound.

“Beautiful” doesn’t even scrape the surface of the vibrant harmonies and chiseled production bound within Beyond Stolen Notes. The album is remarkable in its approach, maintaining an awareness of each single element inside its production. From the drum loops to guitar picks, violin chimes to harp plucks, no instrument is lost in the cavernous atmospheres of the album. Crackling whispers and gorgeously accented strings overwhelm the contents of the record, which spirals inward upon itself into a hauntingly organic soundscape.

With several releases already under his belt, Stefano Fagnani (Stèv) has had suitable time to prim and perfect his sound. The new Loci Records and Megaphone Records collaborative album is a once again notable piece of that journey. Carrying out some of the project’s most pristine sounds to date, Stèv applies his beautifully unique approach to his most refined album yet.

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