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Izahead – The Great Confrontation EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

With a domineering approach to electronic music, producer and guitarist Izahead is conjuring an immense storm of dark, foreboding sound with his new The Great Confrontation EP. Taking an almost industrial approach with the opening track, “Headcell”, the mood of the release is immediately made prominent and clear.

Over a relatively short career beginning just in 2014, Scott Severs (Izahead) immediately defined his sound through powerful assaults of bass production led through cataclysmic guitar playing. The Great Confrontation EP, however, carries the New York musician into immensely darker territory than ever before.

Having explored glitch-hop, future funk, and the various depths of future bass, Izahead has still frequently turned his head to dubstep. This EP is a step in recognizing that direction, finding constant reverence in swift bass punches. The presence of Severs’ guitar-playing is far from lost, still cleverly used to carry each track from one plateau to the next. Still, the overwhelming assault of aggravated production is indistinguishable, soaring over faint remnants of alluring melodies, shown obtrusively in “From Mountain to Mind” and “Still Right Here”. In these instances, Izahead further perpetuates the juxtaposition of the dark and the light often found coexisting within bass music.

The whole EP is out now at the “Name Your Price” option via Funkadelphia Recordings! All donations and proceeds will go directly to Izahead.

Izahead Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Izahead – The Great Confrontation EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] — Name Your Price

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