Event Recap: Tipper at Red Rocks Amphitheater (Morrison, CO) | May 16th, 2015

tipper rr

by Anthony Salupo |

The Tipper Red Rocks experience was so much more than just an insanely fun celebration of music and art; it was a new age artistic revolution, composed of some of the most insanely creative and diversely talented artistic minds of our- or any- generation. The night was to consist of the impressively coordinated musical line up of Ion Driver, Evac, Lusine, Quixotic, Ott, and, of course, Tipper. This artistic display was furthered by the visual artists, Alex and Allyson Grey, Johnathan Singer, and Android Jones.

Every single artist featured in the event, audio or visual, has such a unique and organic style, yet they all were able to blend together in brilliant synchronization and harmony. All was in place for an amazing event, if only the weather would cooperate. Throughout the entire day of May 16th, the weather was predicted to be quite risky. Much to our pleasure, there was about twenty minutes of hail before the Funktion-One sound system completely blasted away any remains of sub-par weather and cleared the skies so the stars could join in on this amazing celebration. The universe had made sure all was in order for the evening. Even before it had started, the night was panning out to be spectacular.

Other than vocal performances during the Quixotic set, not one word was spoken by any performer. There was no need, words would have been a distasteful blemish on the beautiful face of this elegant, perfectly rounded artistic performance. The night began on a softer note, and as the sun began to fall, along with the temperature. Dave Tipper took the stage for his downtempo set.

As if his music was the embodiment of love itself, he reached out with his atmospheric sound design to warm the souls of the crowd like glowing coals from a fire that had burned all too long. To the delight of the 9,450 fans in attendance, the night was only beginning.

The musical and theatrical extravaganza that is Quixotic had the crowds eyes fixated on the stage and jaws on the floor. Ott picked the night up a jolt with a more high energy set that got the attending patron’s blood flowing in preparation for the final set of the evening.  In typical Dave Tipper fashion, he took the stage in silence, giving us the last taste of anything remotely quiet. He then proceeded to completely blast away our previous intuitions of anything that was artistically revolutionary and replace them with limitless bounds of musical expression. During this set, Tipper managed to bring us into the comfortable realm of recognizable tracks mixed in with the unfamiliarity of unreleased masterpieces and delicate manipulations of individual stems. And, as always, that oh so beautiful Dave Tipper scratching.

The stunning visual performances by Singer and Android Jones, along with live painting by the great Alex Grey, were only adequately matched by the beauty of the towering crimson cliffs that reached up toward the sky as if attempting to join the Earth with the Heavens, while the artistic expression on stage of human creativity and emotion allowed mortals to feel as close to the divine as humanly possible. The view from the top of the natural amphitheater included the visual arts taking place on the stage accompanied by a breathtaking view of the vast beauty that is the Colorado landscape. This event was a true infusion of man-made brilliance and natural phenomena, together in harmony, as was always intended.

Tipper Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

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