Emancipator – “Anthem (Rasp-5 Remix)”


by Kyle Taylor |

Conscious hip hop is all too often lost nowadays in a rapidly expanding ocean of calculated and commercialized, all uninspired rhymes. This only makes the efforts of underground artists pushing the envelope that much more impressive. New York artist Rasp-5 is undeniably a soldier in that fight, consistently applying his seamless perspective through brilliantly unfolding story lines and challenging calls on music’s modern state.

An awareness of the current state of music plays a considerable role in Rasp-5’s efforts. Utilizing complex beats, especially in this case, in which he utilizes the Emancipator classic“Anthem”, to back his flow. Acknowledging the staunch complexity of the beat (if you can call it a beat at all), he applies a thick layer of equally vivid, conscious lyricism to match the energy and musical professionalism contained in the production.

Rasp-5 Soundcloud // Facebook

Emancipator – “Anthem (Rasp-5 Remix)”

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