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Ryan Viser – Metamorphosis | FREE Album

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By Anthony Salupo

Metamorphosis is defined as a process through which an animal develops after birth, resulting in abrupt changes to its physical structure through cell growth and differentiation. This is the absolutely perfect way to describe this album, and the man Ryan Viser himself. Ryan grew up in Brazil, where they introduced students to musical instruments at a much younger age than here in the States. By the time Ryan moved to America, he was bumped up to play trumpet at the high school level when he was still in middle school. Ryan continued to evolve as a musician, performing vocals and trumpet in the “bayou reggae” band Stiff Necked Fools.

Ryan then proceeded to become The Untz Challenege V Staff Pick winner, which allowed him to play a handful of festivals in 2014. After linking up with the popular vote winner of the same challenge, Filibusta, he has done a few tours and festivals with the Filibusta LIVE Band. Meanwhile, he kept on his solo grind and fantastically formulated his debut album Metamorphosis.

The album itself is truly a dynamic evolution of electronic production infused with live trumpet instrumentation. This album does not restrict itself to the boundaries of one single genre, as it includes elements of Hip-Hop, Glitch-Hop, Jazz, Reggae, Dubstep, Funk, and so much more. The trumpet is not an “accompaniment,” it is an essential element to each song that doesn’t distract from the production, but instead adds even more passion and emotion as that smooth brass sound tickles your soul.

Ryan Viser – Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Ryan Viser – Metamorphosis – FREE Download!!!

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