SoDown – “Rhino Funk” + Artist Spotlight | FREE DLs!!!

SoDown - Rhino Funk

by Scott Collins

Through technological advances and mainstream marketability, the music scene has reached a point where anyone who wants to make music electronically can, causing the scene to be over saturated with producers without any artistic vision, without any substantial motivation, and without any originality. As a result, we are left with a constant stream of new music that doesn’t seem to have anything “new” about it. Enter SoDown: a producer based out of Boulder, CO whose combination of musicianship and talent for sound design are pushing him ahead of, and ultimately out of, the rest of the pack.

A couple weeks ago we featured SoDown for the first time on Funkadelphia with his funky, bass-heavy track, “Swunkster”, and not even a month later he’s got another crunchy funk tune for all to enjoy. “Rhino Funk” opens with a funky guitar riff and progresses into a jammy smorgasbord of live sax, guitar, and heavy basslines which really highlights the “Colorado vibe” while still pushing SoDown’s own unique style into the spotlight. Blast this track just once and you’ll truly understand why this artist fits so well with what we at Funkadelphia are constantly trying to push to those who consider themselves fans of Electronic Music.

SoDownSoundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

SoDown – “Rhino Funk”

While everyone loves the funk, we’ve seen too many artists focus solely on one style, making it difficult to really grow and challenge their listeners to accept that there is indeed more out there than “genre x”. SoDown is not down with that, and his soundcloud is a great illustration of how a multi-genre producer – or really just one with a never-ending hunger for artistic growth – should approach his craft. From funky glitch with live instrumentation, to in-your-face dubstep and beyond to hybrid trapstep and some even some bouncy midtempo, SoDown manages to add his own unique flavor to a little bit of everything so music fans from all walks can get a taste.

SoDown (ft. Mista Brown )- “Babylon Stomp” — Free Download! 

Outkast – “Roses (SoDown Funked Out Remix)” — Free Download!

SoDown – “Throwin’ Thunder” — Free Download!

ZEDS DEAD – “Cowboy (SoDown Remix)” — Free Download!

Nappy Roots – “Good Day (SoDown Remix)” — Free Download!

SoDown (ft. Enzymes) – “10,000 Leagues” — Free Download!

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