Album Review / Downtempo/Minimal / Drum & Bass

Of Fields – Inbound


By Anthony Salupo

Arriving in Denver a few days before the Tipper Red Rocks show, I had some free time to check out the local hot spots like restaurants and glass shops. During this down time I decided to get some pleasantly painful decorative ink injections. So, I headed to Lifetime Tattoo (a recommendation by the great Albydamned) to get some art permanently placed on my skin. There, I overheard tattoo-artist Dave Regan talking about “getting some tracks mastered” and “searching for labels.” This prompted me to ask him if he produced music and I will forever be thankful that I did. He gave me a link to his Bandcamp page, where I was introduced to the amazing music of Of Fields.

His newest album, Inbound, is a technically sound and wonderfully executed work of musical art. It is a breath of fresh air. In today’s age where most music is overdone, this album is raw. It includes complex percussion arrangements much more intricate than the basic kick-snare patterns that saturate electronic music. It also incorporates a wonderfully elegant blend of electronic sound design mixed with organic instrumental accents. Inbound has soft, ambient undertones infused with heavy, crunchy glitch sounds that seem so contradictory yet coexist in harmony like the boom of thunder during a rain shower. In an industry overflowing with cookie-cutter musicians, Of Fields has successfully broken the mold.

Of FieldsSoundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Of Fields – Inbound | Buy on Bandcamp

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