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AMB – Voices Heard EP | Name Your Price

amb voices heard

by Kyle Taylor |

Gravitas Recordings is never slowing down their operation. The Austin, Texas label has ceaselessly proved a vast awareness of the evolving state of electronic music, as well as a capable hand in discovering artists pushing those progressive elements. Of course, Hungarian producer AMB is no newcomer to the world of transformational beats. But with a longstanding history in production, the European artist has pushed a blissfully unique sound since day one, constantly laying his releases to the public through Gravitas. His latest release, the Voices Heard EP, implements world music elements through a contorted lens of experimental breakbeats. Lively drum kits plague each track, driving listeners deep into the encumbering atmospheres that layer themselves subtly atop. Juxtaposing organic instrumental samples against meticulously tampered synthesizers, AMB is able to perpetuate his sound while still carrying his ideas into psychedelically delectable new territory.

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AMB – Voices Heard EP Name Your Price/Donate

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