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Event Preview: Creatures of the Night Music Festival 2015

creatures of the night

by Kyle Taylor |

October might be frigid up here in the Northeast, but that’s certainly not the case down in illustrious Tennessee. In fact, the summers in Tennessee reach such scorching temperatures (see Bonnaroo) that October actually seems like a pretty biding time for a festival. Creatures of the Night is capitalizing on that, unveiling their inaugural music festival for the weekend of October 9th-11th.

The lineup is concise, straight to the point. Boasting headliners Keller Williams and Dopapod, the festival shows a love for the classics, yet a desire for the future simultaneously. Both acts showcase an undeniably funky, jam-driven sound; yet, the two lay so far across the spectrum from one another, the likenesses are actually far and few between.

Keller and Dopapod only set the trunk and core structure of festival though, with talent branching out into everything from the easing downtempo sounds of Random Rab and Desert Dwellers to the crunchy bass beats of Space Jesus, Spankalicious and Levitation JonesAnd with acts like Vibe Street and Kaminanda, who are constantly surprising audiences with vigorous new atmospheres throughout their sets, the unpredictable element of the event is well maintained. Of course, the lineup is far from encumbered totally by DJs and producers, further culminating additional bands Pigeons Playing Ping PongThe Mantras, and Consider the SourceStill, the fun doesn’t stop there as Creatures of the Night has more headliners yet to be unveiled.

With a gorgeous venue, far from civilization, the festival promises to hold some remarkable sunrise sets, and keep the music going long through the evenings. The audio escapades are far from the only entertainment offered for patrons, though. For lovers of art of all styles, a gallery of visionary visual artists is soon to be added to the already impressive lineup of talent. Futhermore, workshops will hold an equal role in the Creatures of the Night experience. A long list of vendors will grace the venue with a variety of intricate goods from jewelry, to clothing, and beyond, leaving no attendee unimpressed.

Creatures of the Night Website // Tickets
Facebook Event Page // Facebook

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