Jackson Whalan – “Patient feat. Rasp 5 & Lean Automatic” | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

I’ll be the first to admit that the Philadelphia hip hop scene is lacking at times. Sure, the nationwide touring acts make their rounds each year, but on the local level it often proves difficult to find up-and-coming hip hop acts, let alone ones of quality (not to say there aren’t any at all; that would just be ridiculous). This can lead to cynical perspectives and uncalled-for generalizations, like the ever so popular: “hip hop is dead”. Of course, the reality is that hip hop is far from dead, still finding evolution within itself as it progresses just like any other genre. The upside to Philadelphia’s minute hip hop culture is the staggering city of New York being within such a close distance.New York is a hub for art- of all types. Philadelphia really is too, but it is recognizably difficult to compare the two when New York ultimately holds itself at five times the size of our already not-so-humble city.

This week, for a little hip hop love, we turn to The Big Apple. Three New York City emcees- Jackson Whalan (of Technicolor Lenses), Rasp 5 and Lean Automatic– have teamed up for this laid-back and insightful track. The name of the game for all three of these lyricists consistently seems to be constructive ideologies over smack talk. Just about any true hip hop fan is sure to love a good diss track, but there’s something irresistible about an emcee speaking from the heart as well. That’s just what occurs here on “Patient”, threefold.

Jackson Whalan Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook
Rasp 5 Soundcloud // Facebook
Lean Automatic Soundcloud // Facebook

Jackson Whalan (feat. Rasp 5 & Lean Automatic) FREE Download!!

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