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RVLVR – “Fishtown Strut” | FREE DL

rvlvr fishtown strut

by Kyle Taylor |

Sometimes you just need something so weird and jolting, it’ll knock your consciousness way into overdrive. I’ve found challenging and experimental compositions to actually be a great way to start the day. Such tracks as this new single from Philadelphia producer RVLVR are not meant for easy-listening; they aren’t meant as background music; and honestly, they usually aren’t great for dancing either. The unpredictable and stagnant nature of such productions sucks the mind’s focus right in. It instills a sense of alertness and decided preparedness. Straying far from a simplistic dance structure and basic loops, “Fishtown Strut” leaves the mind eagerly awaiting each unfolding second.

Even gazing upon the Soundcloud soundwave display, it becomes apparent that the only one who truly knows what the single will throw at us next is RVLVR himself. Repeated listens still won’t do the trick. “Fishtown Strut” is so meticulous and full of surprises, it’ll leave your head spinning, trying to grasp on to how such an oddly arranged arsenal of sounds could bring such fulfillment to the eardrums. If one were to place the composition on sheet music and examine its structure, the end result would more than likely be bafflement. But that’s what future bass is all about: unraveling classic conceptions of how music should be arranged and thriving on brilliantly experimental new approaches.

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RVLVR – “Fishtown Strut” — FREE Download!!

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