The Polish Ambassador – Pushing Through the Pavement: Remixes | Name Your Price

tpa pushing remixes

by Matthew Foran |

After successfully completing a nationwide album tour that was truly nothing short of revolutionary, the Jumpsuit Records crew and their founder, David Sugalski, known to most as The Polish Ambassador (TPA), have bestowed upon fans a selection of spicy interpretations of the album whose tour was met with controversy. This is because the tour’s intent was not just meant to market the new Pushing Through the Pavement album, with some fans feeling that the music was of least importance to the label. The Jumpsuit Records crew had taken it upon themselves to push a message of social revolution onto their audience, and it was one that was widely accepted amongst the crowd. An Action Day accompanied the following morning of each of the tour’s stops, where the Jumpsuit crew and fans practiced what was preached on stage the previous night.

Most people knew before arriving to the concert that they would be receiving information on how to make a positive impact on their community, especially through the sustainable-living practice of permaculture. However, if there is anyone that feels as if they have been yearning for more Polish ever since the permaculture tour rolled through town, then enjoy the tasty sonic treasures that have been cooked up for you on the Pushing Through the Pavement Remixes release. Included are FREE remixes from Gladkill, Roboclip, saQi, Dimond Saints, and many more, whose adaptations of Pushing Through the Pavement deliver a zesty charge to the already flavorful original work.

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The Polish Ambassador – Pushing Through the Pavement: Remixes Name Your Price/Donate

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