Bass / Electronic / Future Bass / Future Funk / Glitch / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

Zebbler Encanti Experience – ReFreak | Name Your Price

zee refreak

by Kyle Taylor |

This right here is exactly why Gravitas Recordings is just so unstoppable. The label not only rounded out June with the outstanding new Voices Heard EP from AMB, but also further exhibited numerous of their contributing artists’ inventive perspectives through the new Zebbler Encanti Experience remix album, ReFreak. From funky glitch hop and electro soul, to crunchy future bass and distorted, psychedelic dubstep, the release perfectly showcases the diversity and originality of each of its featured artists. From up-and-comers like Of the Trees, The Digital Connection and SugarBeats, to the more established names of Freddy Todd and Space Jesus, Gravitas Recordings pays mind to all of its talent; and the artists reply in rightful fashion.

Whether you’re a lover of smooth, laid-back grooves, or have an ear for twisted, jostling bass beats, Zebbler Ecanti Experience and Gravitas Recordings have something to set your head right. Even with the vast diversity coursing through the album, an undeniable natural flow can be felt from track to track. Bouncing between genres, and arguably finding footing in some new fusions, ReFreak merges the eclectic psychedelia bound within itself flawlessly.

Zebbler Encanti Experience Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter (Encanti)

Zebbler Encanti Experience ReFreak Name Your Price/Donate

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