Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Hip-Hop (Instrumental)

Emancipator – Dusk to Dawn Remixes

dusk to dawn remixes

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s been over two years since the release of Emancipator‘s album, Dusk to Dawn. Most remix albums follow their original release’s premier date much more closely, but a single listen of the Dusk to Dawn Remixes record conveys the insurmountable efforts of time poured into each remix with blatant clarity. The two plus years that went into the making of this remix album are easily worth it. Immediately settling into a serene, and dynamically versatile remix of the album’s title track from Frameworks, the release sets its pace and approach adamantly.

Many friends of Emancipator are featured on the uplifting record, as expected; but, the full spectrum of its contributing artists demonstrates a vast awareness and interest from Doug Appling (Emancipator). Already renowned names such as Odesza, Eliot Lipp, D.V.S*, saQi, and Tor press their production hands into the pervasively enchanting melodies of the Dusk to Dawn productions, lending angelic new insight to their respective pieces. These are, however, not to overshadow the equally in-tune products of escalating artists like Little People, Lapa and Erothyme.

As the original piece does as well, Dusk to Dawn Remixes unfolds itself in a natural, iridescent fashion. Radiating jubilant synthesizers and jostling drum patterns, the record dives through jungles of beats and tropical paradises of rhythm. The arrangement of tracks appears methodical and well-placed, maintaining a focused pathway. Carrying itself upward and back downward, no part of the record feels forced or sudden, instead peacefully swaying from one remix into the next. Each remix brings its own flavor and perspective to the table, never relying too heavily on its original base for footing, but the true beauty at work here is captured through enjoying the album in its entirety through a single, therapeutic sitting.

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