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Srikalogy – “Introduce Me (SOOHAN Remix)” | FREE DL

introduce me soohan remix

by Josh LoFurno |

There’s no better way to get the blood flowing and the brain pulsing than a tune featuring tribal chants and percussion. Baltimore producer SOOHAN demonstrates this perfectly in his new remix of Srikalogy’s “Introduce Me”, featuring the ear pleasing chants of Srikalogy finely layered over sample’s from the old Swedish folk tune, “ven”, by Hedningarna. The combination of the two songs creates a product that is soothing, yet adrenaline-inducing at the same time. SOOHAN’s extensive knowledge of music and his ability to combine it into one giant coleslaw of mind melting rhythms is what sets him apart from most producers in the scene today.

SOOHAN Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Srikalogy – “Introduce Me” — FREE Download!!

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