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Datsik – “Scum (Dubloadz Remix)” | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

There’s no way around the fact that Dubloadz has been sending some serious ripples through the bass community recently. Climbing to the top of the charts through multiple releases, and being represented by plenty of the biggest labels in the game- Never Say Die, SMOGRottun– the New Jersey producer seems to be a ball of bass inertia. Dave Nardolilli (Dubloadz) has toured and even shared the studio with plenty of bass legends, and the reason behind that seems pretty clear.

With neck-breaking drum patterns and abrasive sound design, Dubloadz is instilling vehement new life into the world of bass music, and most specifically, dubstep. This much needed reinterpretation of Datsik‘s anthem “Scum” has been making its way through speakers for the past few months, but it’s been a long wait for the official release. Finally Nardolilli is dishing it up, and as a FREE download no less.

Dubloadz Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Datsik – “Scum (Dubloadz Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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