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Ludge – Void EP | FREE DL

ludge void ep

by Kyle Taylor |

Philadelphia producer Ludge (Shane Brown) is back with his newest compilation of bass-driven, headnod-inducing, slanky beats. Ceaselessly on the hunt for new audio territories, the young producer demonstrates an inexorable ability to achieve remarkable individuality within a crowded genre.

The new Void EP opens with an illustrious sample taken from Pink Floyd‘s “Any Colour You Like”, before sinking its teeth into a full frontal assault of garbled bass synthesizers. Further utilizing samples from “Light Speed” by Dr. Dre, the alike named track flawlessly climbs between 70 and 140 BPMs, further exercising Ludge’s production prowess and awareness.

The second production and title track of the EP, “Void”, delves more fiercely into bass music, shredding dark layers into a flurry of crunchy bass. The dubstep drop isn’t necessarily the peak of the track though, as its second half falls deeper and deeper into a swirling atmosphere of progressing mid-range synthesizer layers.

Closing with “Limbo”, a collaborative piece from Ludge and fellow producer No Beans (who was also featured on Ludge’s last release, the Outdated EP), the Void EP finds a peaceful sense of closure through its persistent bass music lens. Taking influence from hip hop and even trap compositions, the final track takes a mid-tempo approach. The hip hop feel is only subtly felt through the track’s percussion though, as the production is predominantly filled with grossly intense, ambient bass layers brimming to the very lip.

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Ludge – Void EP FREE Download!!

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