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RVLVR – Shadows EP

rvlvr shadows ep

by Kyle Taylor |

There aren’t a lot of words that accurately describe RVLVR‘s sound. There’s plenty of words that point in the right direction- meticulous, original, unique, experimental, technical- but when it comes down to trying to pinpoint the Philadelphia producer’s sound with verbal aesthetics, the task is rather impossible. Each release fringes on the very border of what is music and what is simply a collection of sounds. The musical detachment isn’t as vivid as other instances (such as Amon Tobin‘s album ISAM); however, RVLVR’s music has a consistently off-putting nature- not in a bad way, though. It’s closer to the abstract, glitch-driven compositions of artists like Flying Lotus or Baths. James Sauppe (RVLRV) draws a clear distinction for himself from these such artists, but the prevailing rhythmically-detached aspect of his music is undeniable. Just as the ears seem to settle into a groove, Sauppe throws the mind into a rotary of new noise and tempo.

The RVLVR project hasn’t been in effect too long, preceded by Sauppe’s last project- Speaker for the Dead– but it’s rapidly counting releases. The new Shadows EP marks RVLVR’s second EP already in 2015, and his third EP within the last twelve months. This is all sprinkled between various single releases.

The new EP comes to us from New Low Records, another commendable member of the Philadelphia community. Featuring RVLVR on the label’s debut release, the New Low Vol. 1 compilation, the label has gone on to showcase a variety of equally experimental productions. Now calling upon RVLVR for a full EP, the local producer has served up two, fresh originals, as well as remixes from fellow Philadelphia producers Dev79 and Bombé.

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RVLVR – Shadows EP Buy on Bandcamp

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