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Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Midnight Snacks Vol. 1: The Sweet Tooth Remixes | Name Your Price

midnight t remixes

by Kyle Taylor |

This album has been quite some time in the making. That phrase gets tossed around a lot anymore, but it applies more than ever to Midnight Tyrannosaurus new remix album. The Florida producer capped off 2014 with his massive new Midnight Snacks Vol. 1 album, coupled with a continuous mix, which pieced together the 25 track album into a dark, fantastical, flowing story line. Now Jason Figlioli (Midnight Tyrannosaurus) has asked more than a few of his friends for some help in giving the album a twisted, new sound.

By some miracle Midnight Snacks Vol. 1: The Sweet Tooth Remixes manages to outlast its original creation with a total of 27 tracks. That’s including 20 remixes, a brand new VIP mix of “The One from Dark”, and 6 new interludes and originals from Midnight T himself. The album boasts what is arguably the most impressive roster for a bass remix album ever, calling upon producers P0gman, London Nebel, Figure, The Frim, Dack Janiels, JAM P R D, Haunta, Nostalgia, Spag Heddy, and Code Pandorum, among others. While the original album still throttled a cataclysmic amount of soul-wrenching bass through speakers, its remix incarnate manages to up the ante. The Sweet Tooth Remixes showcases an understandably more versatile sound perspective (featuring numerous producers rather than a single), with its countless remixers drilling their talents into everything from low down dub to frantic drumstep.

For more about Midnight Tyrannosaurus, check out our Funkadelphia exclusive interview with Figlioli HERE.

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Midnight Tyrannosaurus – Midnight Snacks Vol. 1: The Sweet Tooth Remixes Name Your Price

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