Electro Soul / Future Bass / Future Funk

Mr. Sampson – “No Good” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Need some smooth electro soul to go with these beautiful sunny days we’re having? Well Mr. Sampson has got you covered. Coming off their The Gathering Storm EP this spring, the duo is back with a brand new single: “No Good”. Joe Haederle and Aaron Harel (Mr. Sampson) have shown a commendable musical awareness with each and every production, dipping their delightful sound into future bass genres of all sorts. Whether you’re looking for some crunchy glitch hop or some smooth future funk, the Philadelphia artists have stretched themselves across the entire span of sound. This new single dials things down to a light, rhythmically grooving pace. Its not as energetic as some of their other tracks, but that’s far from a problem. Instead of encumbering eardrums with razor sharp bass, “No Good” focuses on its mid-range layers, sinking into seismic synthesizers and jazzy samples.

Mr. Sampson Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

Mr. Sampson – “No Good” — FREE Download!!

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