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Rygol – “Hopes & Dreams” feat. Quervo | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

By now it is no secret that Colorado has a seemingly endless pool of talented musicians fighting for a place in this already massive music world. With such a plethora of talented producers, it takes a specifically unique sound to really separate one’s self from the crowd. Yet, Denver producer Rygol is doing just that.

With a subtle glitch sound, teetering on the cusp of serene ambient layers, his new single “Hopes & Dreams” unfolds into a fascinating environment of psychedelic noise. Rygol masks his haunting percussive layers within a thick atmosphere of synthesizers, poking and prodding with chopped-up, ghostly vocals. Suddenly, the clouded atmosphere breaks, revealing a resonant wave of wobbly mid-range and bass layers. Here, the track finds its climax, but not through some overdone, adrenaline-inducing build-up and drop. Rygol tears down these preconceptions of what an electronic dance track is, and shows what it truly can be, instead.

Rygol Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Rygol – “Hopes & Dreams” feat. Quervo — FREE Download!!

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