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Jack Deezl – “Spyrol”; New Single & Album Announcement | FREE DL

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New album, WHOA!, out 9/04/2015

by Kyle Taylor |

One name that has been echoing through the streets of Philadelphia for the last few years now is Jack Deezl. The local producer and all-around musician is constantly pushing his sound to new heights and new territory. Each album seems to be more refined and more comfortable than the last. By more comfortable, I mean that while Jack Deezl’s sound is unmistakably apparent in all his productions, with each new release he spans that sound further and further across the broad blanket of electronic music. Future bass is easy to tack to the Jack Deezl name, but with such an expansive genre, it’s difficult to truly say the now Philadelphia native is strictly encased in a single genre. Elements of hip hop, bass, glitch, and electronica are all consistently abundant in Jack Deezl productions. The use of real instruments, most predominantly guitar, often also adds a rock music edge to the mix.

Well, Jack Deezl returns to the charts September 4th with his new album WHOA!. In anticipation, he’s released the new record’s first single, “Spyrol”, for FREE download. It’s a mist of jubilant, swirling synthesizers, laid between intermittent, off-beat drum claps and splattering hi-hats. Future bass is the proper word here, but once again there’s really so much that goes into that phrase- it’s a lot more complex than it sounds. Bursting with energy and a optimistic sound, “Spyrol” captures the energy Jack Deezl brings with him to the stage.

Jack Deezl Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Jack Deezl – “Spyrol” — FREE Download!!

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