Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop

Anchor Hill – All My Relations

anchor hill all my relations

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s rare to find a perfect collision of sounds both natural and artificial. Numerous producers are chasing the balance, but not often do we find something quite as satisfying as this. Canadian producer Anchor Hill has been delving into the juxtaposition for years now, release after release refining the structure and relationship. The lush tribal and world music aspect is a consistent component in Anchor Hill’s music, but equally so is his production input. His tracks frequently open with rich atmospheric noise, giving birth to almost visible soundscapes. Still, glitch-inspired bass patterns and riveting mid-range are soon to follow.

The new album, All My Relations, manages to refine the idea and perspective more than ever, a feat that was admittedly seemingly impossible. Overflowing with organic sound, the album will leave listeners feeling as though they’re listening to a purely instrumental band or act at points. Though, like Anchor Hill’s many previous releases, this feeling will be diminished rather quickly. Subtle moments of production layers sneak into each composition, at first going unnoticed, but rapidly gaining traction and demanding recognition.

Anchor Hill Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Anchor Hill – All My Relations Buy on Bandcamp

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