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Album Review: Ott. – Fairchildren

ott fairchildren

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s been two years since Ott.‘s last release, four years since his last full-length album. So naturally, fans of the UK audio space explorer have been starting to garner quite the itch for some new material from the brilliant record producer. After a lot of verbal anticipation and a string of festival appearances this summer, Ott. has finally returned with his newest creation: Fairchildren. 

In typical Ott. fashion, the complete record features only eight total tracks, with most of them clocking in well over five minutes and the album’s concluding track coming in over ten minutes in length. As we would expect from compositions of this length, the record feels much more organic than electronic. That’s most likely because Ott. uses an exceptional amount of live instrumentation in the studio. This shows most prominently in airy guitar lines and tribal drum rhythms, amidst a few selective brass endorsements.

With Ott. releases being so far and few between, the demand for essentially an audio masterpiece is high from the psychedelic sound wizard’s audience. Still, Ott. has not failed his fans yet, and that now includes this latest album. Rich in constant progressions, depth-penetrating instrumental layers, and atmospheric enchantment, Fairchildren has proven itself to have been well worth the wait.

What is even more impressive than Ott.’s prowess in the studio, however, is his ability to handle such complex and layered works while in a live setting. For those unfortunate to catch the English musician during any of his United States summer 2015 appearances, rest assured with ease that Ott. will be furthering his North American journey with a fall U.S. tour in support of the new record. Check out complete tour dates for Ott. HERE.

Ott. Website // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Facebook

Ott. – Fairchildren Buy on Bandcamp

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