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Fried Monk – “Sandy Lazers” (feat. Tha Riva) [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier]


by Kyle Taylor |

It’s been a while since we’ve had some new material from Fried Monk. His last release, the Enter the Batcave EP was a collaborative effort between himself and fellow local producer <radioaddict> (under the moniker Fried Addict). Beside that, it’s been since November of 2013 when Fried Monk released his debut, self-titled EP. After much anticipation, there is an end in sight for any and all nail-biters. Fried Monk’s follow up album, Fried Monk Introduces, will be released this upcoming Tuesday, August 25th.

To get your toes wet, Funkadelphia is proud to be debuting the first single from the new album: “Sandy Lazers”. The classically hip hop beating single is further emphasized by encapsulating, flowing rhymes from Philadelphia rapper Tha Riva. Once again Fried Monk works to further collaborate with local musicians, and quality ones at that. This fusion of artists is easily one of the most delectable we’ve heard from Philadelphia artists in the past few years. Both Fried Monk and Tha Riva work off one another seamlessly and compliment each other exceptionally.

Opening, the single sounds like something straight out of the studio of Dr. Dre, driven by a chiming, single piano key. Soon the drums start to kick though, and Tha Riva begins to flow. From there, the single transforms, blending plenty of production ideas from countless of the greatest of the 90’s and early 2000’s, yet the ultimate result is entirely separate of any solidarity comparison. As the track winds to an end, Tha Riva’s vocals fade into a cascade of slowed, ominous noise, adding a slight modern edge to the composition. Every aspect of the track is carefully inspected and clearly refined, making the perfect single to get eardrums excited for the approaching album.

Fried Monk Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
Tha Riva Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier:
Fried Monk 
– “Sandy Lazers” (feat. Tha Riva) [Full album, Fried Monk Introduces, Out August 25th]

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