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Satori – Elevated EP | Name Your Price

satori - elevated

by Kyle Taylor |

Originally hailing from Portland, Maine, Satori has been putting out crunchy and gnarled bass tracks for quite some time already. He’s twisted out countless heavy-hitters, including a destructive “Bass Head” remix and his single “Oculus”. After recently relocating to Boston, Satori returns now with his debut Elevated EP. Out now on Digital Whomp, the EP features an eclectic ensemble of riveting bass lines, warm synthesizers, and airy melodies.

Opening with the album’s title track, Satori immediately gets the engines gunning. “Elevated” sinks into meticulous, alienated synthesizers, settling over a gurgling under-layer of equally haunting noise. Satori doesn’t really take his time getting the blood flowing, though, as an assault of jabbing bass lines are quick to infiltrate the track. From there, the EP hovers within the realm of bass music, which is just about both what we expected and wanted from the official debut of this quickly rising producer. Overall, the EP showcases versatile bass-driven spectacles in a succulent, original manner. If you’re looking for a new artist to start following, you just found him.

Satori Soundcloud // Facebook

Satori – Elevated EP Name Your Price

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