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tsimba – BioRiddimz EP | Name Your Price

tsimba - bioriddimz

by Kyle Taylor |

This past weekend at Midsummer Night’s Dream in Philadelphia, tsimba made his performance debut in the City of Brotherly of Love. The event also served as a release party for the Connecticut producer’s debut album, the BioRiddimz EP. Out now on Abstract Future, the EP covers a wide-range of voluptuous material, spanning tribal percussions, riddim driven bass-lines, atmospheric synthesizers, and some modern hip hop flavor via samples.

Mark Musto’s (tsimba) performances cover a broad range of future bass tempos, stepping into glitch hop, dubstep, future bass, and various cross-breeds of such. The BioRiddimz EP mirrors that effort, implementing tsimba’s personal sounds and influences. Of course, the riddim element is in high demand throughout the album, start to finish but there’s plenty more going on as well.

Opening with an elastically organic drum beat, the EP’s first track, “Spiral Arm”, quickly delves into hurtling dubstep wobbles. Voluminous and distinct, the sound design of the song leave it standing in pure originality. The second track, “Pulse”, takes a step back in intensity, settling into a thumping hip hop inspired bass pattern. This sound and beat structure carries over to the following track, “Moonjelly”; however, this song seems more so to polymerize its preceding two tracks, covering the rattling hi-hats and thunderous bass with minimal mid-range synthesizer wobbles.

Overall, the EP is distinctly deep. The second half- “Double Planetoid”, “Weeble, Wobble, Slime” and “Bumba”- keep to the themes of the release’s first half. The sounds find plenty of range and separation- none of the tracks return to sound stems previously utilized in the EP. Future bass, dubstep, and glitch hop are the most apparent genres taking action, but tsimba truly weaves his way in and out of multiple genre-fusions even within single compositions. The wobbles are strong and full, but ultimately held at bay through minimal song structures, keeping the EP as a whole explosive, yet far from too busy.

tsimba Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

tsimba – BioRiddimz EP — Name Your Price

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